IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware that the information on this page is delivered without warranty or guarantee of accuracy. It’s provided to help you learn more and formulate specific questions to discuss with your attorney and/or your Real Estate Professional and/or to help a personal representative, executor or executrix when executing their challenging responsibilities. By accessing this page, you acknowledge that it has been provided for information only and that you are hereby advised that any decisions regarding probate issues should be discussed with an attorney and/or a Real Estate Professional.  

The Steps to ProbateDownload
Probate TimelineDownload
Probate Executor's FlowchartDownload
Probate Real Estate and YouDownload
North Carolina Estate ProceduresDownload
How to Build Your Team of ProsDownload
Important Probate TerminologyDownload
Probate GlossaryDownload
A Non-Lawyers Guide to ProbateDownload

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